Low speed of Wi-Fi connection and regular disconnect problems by using Asus, TP-Link, D-Link routers.

In this article we would talking about the most popular problems, which people are faced using wireless network connection, and try to solve them. Often people use cable connection and connection speed is nicely, but with Wi-Fi router connection decrease it.

Don’t forget, that if you connect to the Internet by using router, you shouldn’t rely on high speed of connection.

There is only one question – how low is it? It all depends on quality of the router and connection type used by your ISP. There are two the most important factors. Very often Wi-Fi connection speed will be higher than connection, which connected via LAN cable from router.

If your internet provider promise you high speed connection internet, better to buy expensive and high quality router or speed will be limited.

If you have static or dynamic IP address, connection speed decreasing would be insignificant, but VPN and PPTP options will decrease connection speed sufficiently. It’s necessary to choose ISPs, who can provides you dynamic or static IP address.

Firmware updating can solve problem partially. You can update firmware by entering in web-interface (192.168.l.l in the most cases).

Low wireless speed connection.

When you notice that speed connection decrease sufficiently with using Wi-Fi router connection, it means channel conflict appearance, where wireless network functions. Moreover, there can be some disconnection problems.
low speed

Let’s find out what means channel conflicts.

All wireless networks operate on one of thirteen (for European countries) channels and create interference on channel -1 and +1. For example, your network runs on channel five. Neighbor’s network also works at channel five. That’s cause disconnection problems and speed decrease.

You need to change settings of channel manually. You can also choose automatically mode and device will look for the most free channels by itself. Moreover, you can monitor free channels by inSSIDer program. You can download it for free.

If you decide to don’t use this program, you need to change channel in settings. Go into router’s settings and find there” Wireless network”. Here you will see “Wireless Network Mode”. You need to change value on auto.

If this manipulations won’t help you, try to change channels until problems doesn’t be solve. There can be different problems of connection speed decreasing. Here you can read only about one of them.