Wi-Fi configuration guide

A lot of people, who bought wireless router, want to know how to configure it correctly. Understand how it’s hard you can only by yourself. This article just recommend you typical plan of configuration.

Router connecting

After unpacking, you need to connect router to your personal computer by using cable, which bundled in box. You should put in blue port. Other side of cable you need to put in network connector. Turn it on.

Configuration panel entering

To enter in web-interface, you need to enter your router’s IP address in browser bar. The most popular IP address is

Firmware updating.

If you have latest firmware, you don’t need to do it. Let’s visit manufacturer’s web-page and find our device’s model. Here you should “Firmware update” section, download the latest version and go to router settings. Here you need to click something like “Firmware update” (name depends on manufacturer).

Then you need to choose downloaded update and start updating. It’s necessary to don’t disconnect cable before updating.


Configurations for correctly Internet connection.

If you are user of dynamic IP, skip this paragraph. For others it’s necessary to do next:

Open Network – WAN and enter options, which should be given by your Internet provider.

If you don’t know them, try to find some documents or call to technical support and refine them. Moreover, you can ask about MAC address binding. Now you need to choose connection type and enter known options. If there is MAC address binding, visit Network – MAC Clone and press MAC address cloning. Configure your router only on your own PC, because in other cases it’s necessary to configure your router again.

Save changes and restart router.

Wireless network configuration.

Let’s think about network name and password. In router’s settings you need to find “Wireless”. Here should be bar like Network Name, SSID. Enter preferred name and save changes. Now, your wireless network has name.

Try to find “Wireless security”. It can locates near name configuration option. Put a tick near WPA/WPA2 — Personal and enter invented password. Password should be hard as you can.

Save all changes again.

Web-interface password changing.

In web-interface you need to click “System tools” and then “Password”. Here you should enter password, which users will use to connect to your network.

Save changes.

You can connect devices.

Now your devices can be connected to configured wireless network. Great work!

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